Gay Farts and Culture 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us. That means fatigued mothers and fathers who work too hard are going to go batshit crazy trying to make their families happy. And that’s just the moms and dads. Girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, sisters and brothers are checking and re-checking their bank accounts to see if they have enough budgeted to buy every last gift. This sounds familiar, because unless you’re the one per cent (and as such, can buy all of the gifts), or you could care less about commercialized holidays, you are destined to go a little cuckoo in anticipation of Christmas, Hanukkah and all other December holidays. But this time of the year shouldn’t be crazy. It should be the time of year where all of your clothes reek of cloves and cinnamon, and when you give out all of your best hugs. But December has become the biggest gifting month, so I have done my best to prevent the holiday crazies from happening.  Here’s a list of 12 gifts that are perfect for the Gay Farts and Culture gentleman and gentlewoman—some priced high, some priced low. One is even so low it is a Taco Bell gift card. You’re welcome. Click here to start the gallery o’ gifts!

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