Mark McNairy revives Woolrich Woolen Mills for Fall 2013

Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall 2013

Woolrich Woolen Mills Fall 2013

Mr. Mark McNairy, the man behind those expensive shoes that I love but cannot necessarily afford, is the creative force behind Woolrich Woolen Mills in 2013. I interviewed the fella for Corduroy magazine a while back, and while I can’t find the interview online (sorry), I will tell you that he’s a man who doesn’t sleep very much, smokes too much, and works too much. And all for good reason. His brand is well known for its quality craftsmanship, and he’s brought the same careful hand and dedication to Woolrich WIP. This isn’t a collection of flannel shirts and twill pants. Sure, those are present in the collection because this is Woolrich, but McNairy attempts some rather unusual treatments for the heritage brand, like the jackets and ponchos created from blankets, and the full Donegal tweed suit. But if there’s only one takeaway from this collection (don’t worry, you’ll like more than one thing), it has to be the WMM toque. I need that toque.

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