I really don’t understand why people say “realness”


A person can give (or serve) “tranny realness” or “Banji realness” or Taco Bell realness.

I know this, because I have read or heard all of these variations of the popular expression. But realness just means “to exist,” so when someone says a girlfriend is “dishing out Anne Frank realness,” I really don’t understand. I mean, I get that it is slang, and that people are just trying to have fun with words, but I think I’ve reached the age (27) where I cringe when people clutch at their youth by obsessively using phrases that seem to mean nothing. I mean, “tranny realness” just means that someone is a “tranny,” so…why? Are we that desperate for a catch phrase? And if we are, we need a better one.

Here is a list of ways ‘realness’ might be used. Read them aloud so you know how stupid it sounds:

• Bridget Jones realness

• Kafka on the Shore realness

• Bagel Bites realness

• Taking some ‘Me Time’ realness

• Waiting room realness before my colonoscopy

• Drama realness at the local discotheque

• Fierce working girl realness

• Jermaine Dupri realness

• Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan realness

• Whoopi Goldberg centre square realness

• I’m an idiot realness

• I’m serving nautical-inspired, stickers, ponies and circle skirt realness

How have you used ‘realness’ in everyday life? Can you think of an example where someone doesn’t sound like an idiot? 


  1. ficklebrain

    Hmm, I don’t get it either! I don’t mind most slang in a casual setting, but internet culture seems to be creating some really odd and unnecessary phrases. ‘Feels’ is the latest one that’s erupted on Tumblr. ‘Omg Justin Bieber feels’, i.e. ‘I’m getting all excited thinking about JB’. Like you said, it’s all a bit cringe-worthy. Each to their own unless they’re causing harm etc etc though, I guess.

  2. Duck

    Surely the “realness” tag implies the speaker is being/is trying to be/thinks they are being slightly ironic about what they are saying? Like a woman claiming to serve Bridget Jones realness is really having a laugh at herself by implying she’s some sort of emotional incompetent, but she secretly thinks that she’s both mature and capable. No?

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