Misandry is real, and I want my masculinity back


I can’t keep quiet about this subject anymore.

My name is Kevin Naulls and I am greatly impacted by misandry.

Those feminists have had their time in the sun. So when the Globe Arts section went looking for a wall of feminism, I was mortified. Where is a wall that reflects my struggle as a white male in 2013? Where is the memorial of the people who have helped change the face of men in my lifetime? You know the men I’m speaking of. The men brave enough to reclaim their identities as full-fledge masculine men, who for too long have remained silenced without beards.

As a white, 27-year-old man, I can’t tell you how frequently my rights are being revoked. I feel like I am constantly being targeted by privileged white women with a cause. Third wave feminism has made it very difficult to be a man today. I feel like a victim every time I leave the house. But I will no longer play the victim. I have grown my beard, and I am on the right path. The path that leads to the return to masculinity.

Misandry has made it impossible for me to live out my life’s purpose. I feel shamed watching televised sports, and I can’t even make tasteful legitimate rape jokes in the company of fellow white males over cold beers. Women in power, like Hillary Clinton, have done nothing more than feminize politics. Women in politics takes away the male voice. I don’t even feel like important decisions are being made for me.

So what do I do? How do I say, “hey, I’m a man, and you can’t stop me!”

Well, I say NO THANK YOU to misandry. You can’t keep me down. I will reclaim my masculinity one step at a time. I will constantly remind myself that being a man is hard work, but it will get easier. We have struggled long enough.

Fight misandry today!

How has misandry affected your life? Share your stories!

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