If you believe a study from gay hookup site Manhunt, you’re dumb


Manhunt allegedly ran a study (polled its users), and the site asked its members which body parts they wanted their partners to shave.

According to this moonman dr. mom study, a significantly low population of Manhunt users liked men who shaved.

Here are some findings, courtesy of Queerty (who made the results into a quasi trend piece):

• Back (10.93%)
• Face/Beard (8.58%)
• Lower Back (8.17%)
• Armpits (3.14%)
• Chest (3.13%)
• Shaft (21.35%)
• Pubes/Bush (19.47%)
• Balls (17.66%)
• Taint (11.86%)
• Hole (11.58%)
• Butt Cheeks (6.78%)

There’s no mention of how hairy the 27,000 users are. There’s no real information at all, apart from these potentially made-up statistics. As a hairy man who loves a hairy ass crack, I still call shenanigans and bollocks. How on earth is there this little love for men without beards or chest hair? Either this manocracy we’re living in is really as pro-‘masc’ as I fear it is, or Manhunt is looking to generate some hairy traffic (hi). Whatever you do, don’t take grooming advice from Manhunt. Find a greasy bottom who wants you to fuck him blindfolded, but do not go there for anything considered remotely informative.

Sites like Manhunt data mine to figure out which car to sell you. I’m sure approximately 12 seconds of Manhunt power went into compiling this data.

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