Jamaica Observer’s Cynthia Burton is the absolute worst


It is every day that someone, somewhere, is trying to FAQ the “gay lifestyle.”

Enter Cynthia Burton, a trashbag writer from the Jamaica Observer who believes that being gay is a choice.

Homosexuals were not created. Man was created as a being of free choice. He was also created with an inherent sexuality, which is also governed by choice. If we look at nature and how it is designed, even the animals and plants exist as male and female. It was so ordained for procreation. Each creature has to procreate in a union of male and female to ensure the survival of their species.

The battle continues.

Not only does Burton base her entire theory on a leafed-through analysis of biblical authority, but she uses her own authority to stress her capital T truth. But don’t fret, she’s a moderate when it comes to where to fall on the creationist/evolutionist timeline. She uses the term “created,” as she puts it, “guardedly,” because she doesn’t want to offend anyone while there is a real matter to tend to—assuring herself that man and woman were created to procreate.

Her pandering continues, as she refers to the “lifestyle” as a classic example of doing something wrong for so long that it has become viewed as right. She then does something that anyone who went to Catholic school will remember: she cites the bible using her own reading to illustrate how someone is doing something wrong.

There are verse citations. 8.

But again, don’t fret. Burton cares about the children. She knows that to rid the world of homophobia is to rid the world of homosexuals.

Can you imagine a scenario where a gay couple adopts a child and takes on the responsibility of raising this child in a primarily homophobic society? The child goes to school and the school hosts a PTA meeting. These two parents, male for argument’s sake, turn up at the PTA meeting. Who is Mom and who is Dad? Can you imagine this poor child the next day at school with the other children?

Can you just imagine this poor child? If homos didn’t exist, they would become absolutely free of playground name-calling. Bullying would cease to exist in a straight society.

Burton’s fact sheet about homosexuals is what is truly abhorrent. We are asked to imagine a world where everyone is a homosexual, and what that might look like. How if this were to happen, the entire world would become extinct. Because yes, gay men and women are so self-involved that they want to halt progress. The raison d’etre of gay men and women is to be completely self-serving. Our Earth is the last Earth.

I grew up Catholic. Until I graduated from high school, I was completely submerged in the Church’s teachings. I can spot a bible-toting, non-thinker when I see one. I believe in belief systems, and I can say that I have found comfort in the church. But the problem with freedom, this God-given freedom that Burton points out, is that it leads to extreme analyses of teachings that were never meant to be law. It leads to ancient questions about modern ideas. The kind of ancient questions that promote the death of the homosexual.

For that, Cynthia Burton can go to hell. And, I’ll see you there.

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