Liam Cole is the most disgusting studio porn director in the world (and not in a sexy way)


As a 21st century gay man, I thought porn had become so normalized.

I was no longer grossed out by the idea that someone legitimately wanted, by way of some kind of abstract reasoning, to be fisted. A guy pissing in another’s mouth finally led to thoughts of, “oh, he must just be thirsty,” instead of “why?” I even decided that I was comfortable with a pocket of the internet devoted to what I could only deduce to be niche fetishism: the “pig-like” side of sex, that could include everything from sniffing arm pits to smoke fetishism to hardcore BDSM to scat. I could even, I believe, be turned on by some of it. I became so aware of all of these many pockets, that it surprised me to be surprised and upset by Liam Cole’s Treasure Island Media fuck flick Slammed. 

It is a flick Cole would have you believe is a film (LINK NSFW),but it is ultimately a gonzo porn movie that sexualizes drug abuse. Cole, ever the auteur, romanticizes his film in which John Phelps injects crystal meth prior to being aggressively fucked and torn open by his colleague. The film is uncomfortable in an unnecessary way. Cole, being the hands-on director he is, asks Phelps if he wants the lights off, prior to being, as he puts it, “stabbed.” The scene then features Phelps sitting post-needle, and then Cole asks, “can you feel it.” What follows is a nervous Phelps becoming so unbelievably high that he wants nothing more than to spread his legs and be prolapsed. Other scenes include snorting blow and doing G. All of which lead to some aggressive form of bareback sex. All under the guise of ‘art cinema.’ Cole will have you believe that his intentions are good because the hypodermic needle is actually cinematically overlaid on top of a bareback threesome. I think we’ve been trolled by the porn industry in the worst possible way.

It is a PNP porn flick—PNP standing for “Party and Play,” an expression you may read on gay dating sites that is often read as “no PNP.” Party = let’s get high in this sense. Cole, for some reason, decides it is worth making a movie about. Cole says he used vintage PNP movies as inspiration for Slammed, and thus it is meant to supplant our nostalgia for something we, quite assuredly, never actually needed. This was not the hole gay porn was destined to fill. Frankly, as someone who enjoys taboo ideas, I find Slammed to be completely irresponsible.

And don’t get me wrong, I understand what Treasure Island Media is.  These movies are meant to take uncomfortable ideas about sexuality and literally stretch them outside of the boundaries of human cognition. The viewer, the voyeur, is meant to think something is legitimately reprehensible, but still feel aroused by it. In the case of Slammed, I wanted to throw up, and I feel the urge to reach through the screen and pull the ‘top’ off Phelps, and drag him out of the dimly lit hotel he’s being reamed in. I kept thinking, “dude, you won’t even remember this until you watch it later” and “are you really smiling and kissing your cohort because he’s the guy you want to be “bred” by, in this hotel, while on crystal meth?” It’s a touch self-righteous, I’ll agree, but acceptable self-righteousness. While I think drugs taken recreationally is no concern of mine, it does begin to become a public problem when doing crystal meth, a drug that is so problematic and dangerous and heartbreaking, is being sexualized in such a way, cast against good looking dudes enjoying a toss in the sack, who are designed, with or without meth, to make you cum. When porn is no longer about the cock, the Crisco, the facial, the money shot, the condom (or lack thereof), and drugs become the catalyst for which you coat your chest and belly in thick, white cum, I have a problem. And I think Liam Cole is a disgusting asshole who should rethink his self-assessment of being an auteur, when really he’s just a irresponsible link-baiter who doesn’t appear too concerned about his party porn stars. Just hearing his direction and encouragement on-screen proves he’s getting off on his own work (thus getting off on himself).

I wanted to write this blog post more than I wanted to will myself to have an erection. For the first time in my life with porn, I wanted to cry.


  1. StevenX

    A lot of what Treasure Island puts out isn’t sex…it’s a series of character flaws being exploited for money. “Slammed” should be shown to the authorities. It’s things like this that are pointed to when giving the argument that gays shouldn’t have equal rights. If “Slammed” was what I had to go on…I’d fucking agree.

  2. Scott

    Thank you for writing this.. it’s very well thought out and written. I’m personally anti-censorship… I get the sense that you could be as well. This does bring up a necessary conversation that doesn’t seem to really be going on other than in polarized ways, which simply leads to more stigma, divisiveness and rebellious fetishizations. I agree that meth is horrible and dangerous… I’d go a step further and suggest that its presence amongst our (non)community is the reason that we currently have no progressive queer movement. As a recovering pnp’er myself, I understand your urge to protect John Phelps. I’ve been trying to find similar interjections in my local community here in Portland, OR. It’s not easy. I’m actually kind of glad this film was made, if only because it could be the catalyst for the conversation… now the question is, will it start?

  3. Frank Snyder

    Liam Cole is the most disgusting person I every discovered – it’s not about Bareback Sex, TIM is all about to spread the a infection. Come on man, wake up, life is to beautiful to have to make young gay people “HOT” on your extreme Phantasies! The TIM Porns are destroying a natural way, how man should meet each other, there is nothing about love and happy Sex involved. He is a sick ASSHOLE, he will get his bill!

  4. Tremolo

    I think what bothers most people is that Cole has burst the bubble so many guys live in, who’d rather follow the proverbial monkey (see no evil, hear no evil. speak no evil).

    It doesn’t float my boat and doesn’t really do it for me, but what this porn movie portrays is THE UGLY TRUTH, that truth people would rather not talk about. It’s been a long time since meth made its way into the “gay scene,” guys have been getting high and not giving a fuck about who’s load they’re carrying inside their butts. I don’t live it, I don’t see it, but I know it’s there, I know it’s part of this reality and that it won’t disappear if I try to ignore it.

    Now, what you get from the movie depends on your own interpretation and how you’d rather have it reach you. I don’t see it as “hey, let’s do meth, get high and get gang fucked bare by whoever wants to join!” Actually, I find it SHOCKING, and I think that’s the point. To me it just made evident something I already “knew”: I’d rather stay away from meth and that kind of scene. Not because I find that it’s disgusting or because I don’t like seeing a hot guy getting fucked, but because to me sex is about connection, and there’s no way you can get that connected experience from a detached gang bang where you’re high out of your mind offering your hole to just anyone. I know guys do it, I know they enjoy it, I know they eventually lose control and the addiction sets in and takes control of their lives…

    JUDGEMENT… that’s what your blog entry should be about and where it should be aimed at. But not the way you put it “oh this is so terrible, this guy should go to jail, they should disappear…” THIS IS NOT ABOUT JUDGING OTHERS, but about OUR OWN JUDGEMENT. The whole “I don’t like it, it disturbs me, it upsets me therefore it should be banned” mentality has not and never will lead us anywhere… after all, who hold the highest moral and ethics? Which one of us has the right to decide what’s best for someone else? None of us. Instead of trying to put a black cover on everything we don’t like or on what we think is “wrong,” we should EDUCATE ourselves, so if we’re ever in a situation where we have to make a decision, we have the tools and the knowledge to choose what will be right TO OURSELVES.

    Love & Peace


  5. Tremolo

    So it seems you’re the kind of person who can’t take any kind of criticism.

    It’s sad that instead of using this space to inform and educate, you use it looking for praise… “anyone who doesn’t agree with me should shut up” kinda thing.

    Keep on looking for ways to boost that ego, it seems you really need it 😉

  6. Miguel Camacho

    i’m so glad you wrote this. younger guys are seeing these movies and when stuff gets fetishized… ugh… its just so dangerous. for all of us :/

  7. Jim

    Hmm. I wonder if this is related to ‘John Phelps’ in Houston who was arrested with beer bottles full of liquid meth. If that’s the case, I guess his big film career is over.

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