Kevin Naulls seeks Trend Editor job at


Dear Postmedia and,


My name is Kevin Naulls, and I am perfect for the position of Trends Editor.

I know everyone and their mom is telling you they are perfect for this job, but I am actually the best. And I have absolutely no qualms about sounding this arrogant, because I actually believe it.

I am the former editor of The Hype (culture and entertainment) and The Goods (fashion) at, and in my time at the site, I managed to triple page views to The Goods’ Fashion Week package, and create clickable new packages (like The Scene (a satirical, navel-gazing gallery that poked fun at the insularity of society events) and Street Style). I even won gold at the National Magazine Awards for the TIFF 2011 package I created and spearheaded. I have proven on many occasions that I know how to create shareable content, and that I know what people like.

I’m also very active on Facebook and Twitter, and the bulk of my sharing is videos and links to content I think people will find interesting and/or shocking (that, and jokes, because I think I have one or two jokes that land). I have even personally created content that has gone “viral”—most recently, a first-person narrative I wrote for the Toronto Standard about plus-size fashion in Toronto that was picked up by the Daily Mail. I also started the flash-in-the-pan Tumblr(s) Call Me Maeby, Willow’s Shirts and YouHateFaggots.

I am very passionate about the web, insofar as I spend most of my time exploring trends from every nook and cranny, from gonzo 4chan memes to cat macros to fashion and porn trends. I selfishly want to know how the Internet is moving when it is moving, even when I’m complaining about it. If I had to narrow down my online bio to a few words, I’d be an observer and an over-sharer. And to be good at this job you’ve proposed, I believe you need to be both. And that’s me.

You asked for a crisp and creative cover letter. How is this?


Kevin Naulls

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