Video Rated T for Tolerance is anything but tolerant

In the video above, a young Christian girl raps her beliefs, claiming that because gay men do not qualify to donate blood, and because God created man and woman to procreate, being gay is a gateway to hell. I’d gladly bathe in the fires of hell if it means avoiding the “golden gate” (her words) that lets her sorry ass in.


  1. Juliette

    My teenage daughter and I were discussing “haters” this morning. We were talking about music but the same applies for every aspect of life. This sorry assed girl is anything BUT Christian in her beliefs. I would be ashamed if my child spoke like this – especially in public. And SHAME ON HER PARENTS.

    • Andy

      Just reading thing article makes me sick I don’t know how anyone can be that hateful towards anyone. I’m sorry for what happened to you.

  2. Jackson

    I watched this video and had an itch
    To call this person “just another dumb _______.”
    But I’ll let others decide what to call her, I’ll punt
    But I’m sure most will agree, she’s an ignorant ________.”
    She’s a harlot, a slag and a skank, to be sure,
    but she’s also a moron and a no-talent ________.
    So recognize her for what she is, to wit,
    just an ugly, ignorant woman with a brain full of ________!!

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