Gay Fart of the Week: Christopher Camplin, model/web developer/DJ


Welcome back to Gay Fart of the Week, a feature where I talk to awesome gay men from around the world who know how to keep us interested—and this week’s instalment will captivate your attention because he’s a beautiful and handsome model, a talented developer and he somehow finds time to throw a series of queer parties in London. He is one of the hardest working gay farts going, and he is younger than me! Say hello to Mr. Christopher Michael Camplin. 

Age: 27

Occupation: Web Developer, Model, DJ

You are an extremely successful model, but you are also a web developer. Which came first? And which comes first?

Extremely successful? Thanks, it doesn’t always feel like that but i suppose I’m starting to reach that point where I have a lot of work under my belt. I would say the Web Development came first as I started doing that when I was still at University in Brighton.

The modelling didn’t start until I did a shoot for Tom Ford & GQ Style about male nudity.


Then nothing for a year or so until I was found by stylist and my now good friend Toby Grimditch. Toby wanted to use me as a guy from the street for J.W Anderson’s Man show for London Fashion week.

I had to ‘walk’ for the first time in a pair of the most uncomfortable mink slippers, that were two sizes too small. Not the easiest start but I had a lot of fun.


How do you balance your schedule? Do you manage your own presence on social media? I ask, because your face, body and name are out there quite regularly, and I wonder if that has anything to do with your invisible hand, or merely a result of the Internet’s gratitude toward you.

I balance my schedule by just fitting in what I can, when I can really. Obviously I have to work 9-6 as a developer, so everything else has to fit in around that for the time being. When it comes to social media i really haven’t pushed it that much in terms of getting myself out there, it seems to perpetuate itself. Tumblr & Pinterest seem to have gone crazy for me, from what i’m told but i have never put anything on there myself, I don’t have either a Tumblr or a Pinterest account but both have a lot of pictures of me.

I often feel like it’s just a case of right time, right place for a lot of it. Beards seem to be in vogue at the moment and i grew one as soon as i could, both because i love facial hair & i wanted to look older. At that time there wasn’t a great deal of beards around, especially on younger guys. Perhaps that got me noticed and now they seem to be everywhere.

You provide music for the party “In Bed With… Little Gay Brother,” too. How many hats are you wearing these days?

Yeah, the party is Little Gay Brother presents…

I’m actually not just providing music but am part of the team behind these parties.

We are the Queer clubbing experience, brought to you by the Model, the DJ, The Dominatrix & The Unicorn. Myself, Terry Vietheer, Clayton Wright and Precious Bevington have become like a family & we all play our part in organising the events. I DJ and do the artwork and our last party Flex went down a storm. We are @ Dalston Superstore every other month and will be at Secret Garden Party this summer. We will also be appearing at other festivals around the UK and have been talking about bringing the party overseas so watch this space…


Who are your favourite social media gays to read?
I wouldn’t say i have any favourite social media gays to read, there’s all sorts of different interesting stuff out there.

What advice would you give to someone who might want to do what you do?
Thats a tough one, I have a bit of a strange hybrid of careers going on a the moment. I’m not entirely sure which one to pursue the most, if you mean modelling, My advice wouldn’t be that useful because I never planned any of it & really believe i was in the right place at the right time. If you mean DJ I think it’s about having a passion for the music, I never planned to be a DJ either but that seems to be happening too & it came out of a love & passion for House music. Terry & Clayton found me based on modelling, but essentially based on my DJ sets on soundcloud and the music I posted on social media.

You’ve modelled for one of my favourite designers: Walter Van Beirendonck. What was his part in helping propel your career as a model?


I’ve worked with Walter a couple of times actually, once walking in his Wonde® show in Paris in 2010 & again for his Dream the world awake retrospective at the Antwerp Fashion Museum. Here I got to work with Nick Knight & Simon Foxton, who i found out were major people in the fasion industry.


I then went on to do a Butt Magazine shoot with Simon Foxton & Andreas Larrson.


Andreas is an amazing photographer and I went on to make his website.

What shoot, above all, has been your favourite?

Difficult question. I really enjoyed flying over to Hamburg to work on Horst magazine with Alex Klesta, but also loved working with Lee Roberts, Lee Paton & an amazing pair of Huskies



How would you describe Twitter to a gay man?
Twitter, personally, I would describe as hard work! You have to be tweeting the right people, with the right things at the right time to really get some good interaction going.

If you want to see what’s in the pipeline, here’s a sample image from a recent shoot i did in Central Park, NYC with Isauro Cairo. Isauro is an amazing photographer and i am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the images.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.39.38 PM

I also did a very interesting shoot for Fantastic Man that is just in the shops, and the whole thing turned out to be pretty traumatic but also an interesting social experiment. I’ll let you go check it out for yourselves.

Both the last two jobs came via Facebook—the former was organised just as i posted I was going to NYC when i booked my flight. I do feel that social media has fuelled my recent “fame,” and it will be interesting to see where it goes next. The world is an increasingly fickle place…

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