Pat Robertson Talks Jewellery—Jewellery that gives you AIDS

Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcast Network founder and regular asshole, is spreading his hate-filled rhetoric again—this time professing that gay men in San Francisco have AIDS-giving jewellery. Actually.

On a past taping of 700 Club, Robertson answered a letter from ‘Mary’ which asked if there is a moral obligation to disclose status if you are driving a car with someone who is positive. Yes, Mary, you idiot, because we expect people with the flu to just trot around saying, “Hey guys! Got that flu, y’all. Drive at your own discretion, friend!” Yes, Mary, real or fictitious, is absolutely dumb, but Robertson proves to be more ignorant, and more hurtful.

He says, “The homosexual community has put Draconian laws on the books that prevent people from discussing this affliction.” Out of curiosity, I’d love to see a copy of these gay books, because discussion of AIDS prevention, awareness and living with the illness is arguably as rampant as ever.

Except Robertson believes that, “in San Francisco, they want to get people, if they got the stuff, they have this ring where it cuts your finger. It’s that kind of vicious stuff that should be the equivalent of murder.”

The original scene has been wiped from the broadcast, but the full clip is now back on YouTube after team Robertson tirelessly spent the last two weeks trying to erase it from memory.

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