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Open Letter: Shut Up Sinead O’Connor and Amanda Palmer


Dear Sinead O’Connor  and Amanda Palmer,

Shut up.

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Your celebrated letters are just awful. What more have they done besides highlight the lifelong struggle between mom and daughter? Between the youngs and the olds? They have done nothing to support Miley at all, because the emphasis in each letter is a super misleading protective mom tone that only seeks to service the writer and not the individual who is being criticized. You come across as the Kat Stratford to Miley’s Bianca.  Even when you attempt to raise Miley up, you only do so to counter-balance the actual driving force of your declarations: for O’Connor, that you’ve been there and that you know Cyrus to be a prostitute (okay); and for Palmer, that you are a huge fan of O’Connor (great), and wish she’d remember how hard it was for you and her in your non-public art lives.  Both letters are corrective: in summary, “I agree that you’re talented, but hate that you are letting your talent suffer in an effort to be sexy, so stop that”; and “I sort of agree with you mama Sinead because you were a huge influence on me and I know where you are coming from celebrity-to-celebrity, but maybe you’re a little wrong because Miley is just being Miley, even if we both know the industry suckkkkkksssss, so maybe stop that Sinead (and Miley, you could learn a little something from mama Sinead).”

My message to the both of you is to stop reminding yourselves of your own celebrity, and let Miley, a young person, do what she wants, how she wants to. You are both in positions to inspire people, and that’s obvious, but piggy-backing on someone’s celebrity, a celebrity that you might feel, both in your own ways, is ill-gotten (you’ve got talent, Miley, but you are a whore!), is so unnecessary. It isn’t supportive. You are prescribing wrongness to a state of being that can neither be confirmed, nor denied, as being fabricated. Why?

You are all women. You are all women who have and will do good and bad things in your lives–good and bad being entirely subjective, and you have no fucking right to determine what those terms mean for a girl who is, by all accounts, “just being Miley.” Perhaps the idea of an oversexed former teen starlet is a bit too much for some people to deal with, and by asking a girl who is allegedly being herself to not be herself is asking every non-public woman to dismiss her sexuality for decorum, for the moms of the world like Sinead who think they have it all figured out, even though none of us do. 

Ultimately, this is an open letter to celebrity open letters. To women or men or anyone who feels it important to offer advice on how to be a woman or man in 2013. To people who believe that healthy sexuality is perverse. To people who don’t think people are capable of determining who or what they want to be and how they want to be whatever that is. Your two cents mean nothing when they merely serve to prop up and remind an audience and yourself of your own celebrity. Calling Miley a whore sure is shocking to read, and it is also probably the dumbest thing I’ve read on the Internet this week.